40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer

Please read each Scripture passage multiple times. Let it ruminate in your spirit, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and your prayers. Take whatever time you need to focus your heart and spirit upon the things of the Father. It is my hope and prayer that this will be a time of refreshing and spiritual renewal for each of you who participate. Feel free to read more than the suggested verses if you would like to see them in their context. As we all the Holy Spirit to focus our hearts upon the things that truly matter to our Creator and Redeemer, I believe that He can do something unforgettable in each of our lives and in our families.

Because of Him,

Pastor Mike


Days 1-10

Days 11-20

Days 31-40 coming soon


Oct 18 – Luke 5:31-32

Lord, give us a heart for those whose hearts appear to be far from yours. May our spirits be quickened to our need for your grace and love. Help us to see beyond ourselves and our own concerns so that we can embrace the life that you have for us.

Oct 19 – Acts 3:18-19

Father, grant me the faith and strength to turn away from anything that might lead me off of the path that you have for me. Forgive me for allowing things and even people to distort my view of you and your incredible love for me. Make this life what you want it to be, my King.

Oct 20 - 2 Chronicles 7:19-20

O King, it is your kindness and mercy that breaks my heart and leads me to repentance and surrender. Help me to see just how much you love me, and the purpose for which You have made me. Allow me to realize and remember your seemingly infinite blessings that you are constantly pouring into my life.

Oct 21 - Revelation 2:5

Father, help me to see the stubbornness of my own heart so that I might let go of that which leads me away from You. Sometimes, Lord, I allow my own wants and desires to get in the way of the path that you have planned for me. Though it may be difficult, give me the faith and courage to leave those things behind that lead me on a path that differs from the one that You have designed for me.

Oct 22 – Proverbs 28:13

Lord, help me to see my heart and life as You see. You know my heart, my mind and see all that I do. There is nothing in my life that is hidden from Your sight. You see me when no one else is around, and you hear my thoughts, even when they are ungodly or hurtful towards others. Transform me completely so that my mind, spirit and soul may speak loudly of your goodness and righteousness.

Oct 23 – 2 Peter 3:9

Father, thank you for your kindness and tender mercy. Though I am unworthy, You are willing to show me mercy. You have delivered from a life of despair and destruction. Though I was on a path of rebellion towards Your will for me, You chose to rescue me from myself. Help me to surrender to Your will and plans for this life You have given me today.

Oct 24 – James 4:8

Lord, as I humbly approach you today, cleanse me from anything that might hinder my heart from being fully surrendered to you. Search my heart, O God, and root out anything in my mind, spirit and soul that leads me away from what You have planned for me. All too often, I am unwilling to walk away from some things that show contempt towards that which matters to You, my Lord. Grant me the strength and courage to lay those things at Your feet.

Oct 25 – Joel 2:13

Father, deliver me from my pretense and shallow faith. You deserve my complete and absolute allegiance. So much of the faith that we express in our churches today has no depth. If we truly believe Your teachings, Lord, and want to follow Your desires in our lives, we must be willing to embrace whatever You have planned for us; regardless of how it may make us feel.

Oct 26 – Acts 17:30

Savior, Your mercy helps us to see who we truly are. Deliver me from self-righteousness and self- exaltation. Help me to see others as You see them. You see those outside of our fellowship as “sheep without a shepherd”. Grant me the vision to see those outside of Your family as You see them. Jesus, give me a heart and a passion for those whom You love and whom You died for.

Oct 27 – 2 Chronicles 30:9

Father, You have shown us a heart of mercy. Help us to let go of those things that distract us from loving You with pure hearts. Forgive me for the thoughts and attitudes of entitlement that have so often crept into my spirt. You know who I am and what I’ve done. Apart from You, I am truly a lost wretch in desperate need of Your love and mercy. Deliver me from my pride and my self-centeredness, O King.

Oct 28 – 2 Timothy 1:7

Lord, thank You for being my strength. Help me to trust You fully with every aspect of my life. Help me to trust in Your power and walk in the path that the Spirit has for me. You alone can carry me through the challenges that I face each day. Help me to truly lean upon You for the power to live out my faith each day.

Oct 29 – Isaiah 35:3-4

Father, help me to trust in your power and strength to keep me on the path that you have for me as You watch over me and my family. Rather than giving into anxious thoughts, help me to seek You when fear and anxiety seem to envelope my spirit. Thank you, Father, for being steadfast and sure in the midst of life’s challenges and struggles.

Oct 30 – Isaiah 40:28-31

Lord, You are faithful. You will give us all that we need and more to move through each day. When I cannot seem to take another step, You are faithful and strong enough to accomplish whatever You lay before me. It is only by Your power that I am able to accomplish that which truly brings glory to Your precious name.

Oct 31 – John 14:1

Lord, help me to trust You, even when things don’t seem to be going as I think they should. In the middle of life’s storms, You are faithful and true. You are able to carry me through situations that are both frightening and, in the moment, seem hopeless. It is by our faith in You that we are able to move through life with a confidence that You have already overcome whatever we face.

Nov 1 – Joshua 1:9

My King, You are with me at all times. Why should I fear what others might do to me? There are times when we are seeking to follow You, Lord, when our heart grows weak. Though those who oppose me may seem invincible, if You have called me to stand, I know that You will give me the strength and courage to do so. Help me to be faithful no matter what I face.

Nov 2 – Luke 12:22-32

Lord, we can be sure that You can and will provide our daily needs. Thank you for your provision and watch care over us. We can live each day knowing that You are right with us, and that You are willing to provide what we need for each day to live as You have called us. Help us to know the difference between what we need, and what we want.

Nov 3 – Psalm 34:4

Father, You are faithful to deliver me from my fears. All too often, I allow myself to become overwhelmed with what “might” happen, or what others “might” think or do to me. Help me to live with courage. Allow my faith in You, my King, be what gives me the courage to face whatever may come in my life. May I fear You and You alone.

Nov 4 – Romans 8:38-39

My King, there is nothing in this life that can stop You from loving me. Though I may not feel close to You, or that You are unable to forgive some of my failures, I am still Yours. Help me to realize just how vast, deep and wide Your incredible love is for me. Lord, it is my hope that my mind and spirit can begin to grasp the reality that I am deeply and passionately loved by you.

Nov 5 – Proverbs 3:5-6

God, You are faithful and worthy of our trust no matter what we might face in life. All too often, I shrink back when things come my way that seem beyond my ability to handle. Lord, help me to see that You go before me, and You are able to find a way when there doesn’t seem to be a way. Help me to trust You with my life and the plans that You have for me.

Nov 6 – John 16:33

O King, You are victorious over anything that the enemy might bring our way. This world can seem frightening and confusing at times. Sometimes I can wonder whether or not Your purposes and plans will be accomplished. Help me to trust in the reality that all things are in Your hands. Help me to dwell in Your peace as I realize that You will accomplish Your purposes in Your time and however You desire.