Men's Ministry Update

Men's Ministry Update for August

Time flies, the summer is heading into its last month, school supplies are filling the stores, and we try to get that last vacation in before the weather turns cool and daylight fades away. Where did summer go? Where did the years go? When you see all the book bags, binders, pens, and other supplies in the store, you may flash back to your youth. If we only knew then what we learned the hard way over the years, we would have done so many things differently.  They say there is wisdom with age, but they did not really tell us how difficult it was to gain it. The Bible is a history of man, his mistakes, the lack of learning from others' mistakes, the consequences of bad decisions, and most of all forgiveness. Maybe there is still time for us to go back to school, open those books, learn from the past, and make a different future for us and all those we touch. School bells are ringing, just jump on the bus, and head out to one of the men's groups. Do not forget to bring your textbook: the Bible. It covers all subjects from science to psychology. The author is the expert in all fields as He created the universe and all things. Hope to see you. The final exam is simple once you know the teacher.

Your friend in Christ,

Greg Wills


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