Deacon Family Ministry Update

The Deacon body will be revamping the way we serve the membership in an effort to revitalize the Deacon Family Ministry here at SEBC. We will be placing a deacon listing in the new church directory that will be coming out shortly. There will be contact information for the deacons listed. We are asking all prayer requests/hosptial stays/medical procedures be directed to the church office. This can be done by phone: 301-662-4780; or by email:; or by using the prayer request cards in the pews of the church and placing them in the offering plate during the service. With requestor's approval, this will be sent out to the senior pastor and deacons to be praying for the needs expressed and will alert all deacons if a member is in the hospital. Currently, we are not aware when some of our membership has requests, or would like hospital visitation. Hopefully, this will allow us to better serve the membership at SEBC.


What we plan to change:

  1. New members will be assigned 2 deacons for during their first year of membership. After the first year, there will be no official assignment;
  2. Members are free to contact any deacon directly, not limited by the deacon that was previously assigned in the Deacon Family Ministry. This will ensure that if the members have a concern/prayer request/other needs, they will not have to wonder who their deacon is that was assigned to them, but will be free to reach out to whomever they are most comfortable.
  3. All deacons can pray for the requests as they are distributed from the church office. Any deacon can visit people that are in need (hospital, shut-in, etc.) once they are made aware of a request.


What we do not plan to change:

  1. Members of SEBC that are currently happy with the service of their assigned deacon will still be free to continue that relationship. There just won't be a formal assignment going forward.


We hope that will allow us more opportunity to serve the membership of SEBC and provide better coverage of needs and requests as they arise. We believe the more prayer warriors, the better.

As always, if there are any questions, concerns, or suggestions about this new initiative, please don't hesitate to let Pastor Mike, myself, or any other deacons know.


Your brother in Christ,

Bobby Loun
Deacon Chairman