Resources for Seniors

Resources for Seniorsdoctor patient

In this section you will find various resources for seniors and also caretakers of seniors.


Senior Assistance Programs: There are many programs in the Frederick area available to help seniors. Click here to see a list of various programs that are available.

Drug Forum: September 28, 10:30 am. This public forum will provide information on making expensive drugs more affordable. Click here to view the flier for more information.

Grab Bars Program: Need grab bars installed in your home but can't afford them? Check out this flier for information about a free program that helps low-income seniors install grab bars in their home.

Updated Medicare List: Click here to view a list of doctors that are accepting new Medicare patients. (This list is current as of June 2, 2021).

Senior Call Check: There have been some enhancements made to the Senior Call Check program. Check out this flier to learn more.

Caregivers/Dementia Virtual Workshop: If you are currently caring for a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's, Dementia, or any condition that affects memory, a TBI, or PTSD and are seeking ways to manage your life while being a caregiver, we welcome you to attend our FREE (participation and materials) workshop for Building Better Caregivers with a focus on Dementia. This is a community-based, highly participatory workshop, where mutual support and success build confidence in your ability to manage caregiving tasks and maintain a fulfilling life. To learn more about this course click here. If you would like to register for this workshop, click here.

Prevent Falls: Read this flier to learn about four things you can do to help prevent falls.

Presentations and Workshops: There are many presentations and workshops available for seniors in Frederick County! Take a look at this flier to see what's available. To sign up for any of these, you will need to register through Senior Services.

Stepping On: These sessions help you to assess fall risk and form safety plans to avoid falls. Click here to read the flier and learn more.

Fit to a T: Do you know your T score? Knowing your T-score is important in learning how strong your bones are and whether you need to take action. Click here to learn more.

Medicare Vaccine Coverage: Read this article to learn about MediCare coverage for the following vaccines: COVID, influenza, pneumonia, and shingles.

Arthritis Resources and Tips: Learn how to manage arthritis. Read this article to find resources for those with arthritis. Check out this article for tips on managing arthritis.

The Freedom Center: The Freedom Center provides support and services to people with disabilities in Frederick and Carroll Counties. Click here to visit their site and learn more.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers: This six week class is designed to give caretakers a wealth of self-care tools. Click here to view the flier and learn more about signing up for this class.

Covid-19: Click here to read what you need to know about Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Coping with COVID: Click here to see tips for dealing with the pandemic.

Virtual Senior Center: With the senior center closed, Frederick County has created a virtual senior center online for those 50 and older. Check it out!

Veteran Care Resources: There are many resources available for veterans and their families regarding their health care and benefits and information about COVID-19. Click here for information.

Avoid Scams! Often seniors are the primary target for scammers. Check out our scam articles to learn more about these scams and how to avoid them.

Senior Call Check: This free service will place an automated daily call to you at a regularly scheduled time. If the call is not picked up after three attempts, the service will call an alternate person on your behalf to check on you. Learn more here.

FMH Patient Billing & Financial Assistance: Need more information about patient billing at FMH? In need of financial assistance? Click here.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: Click here to learn more about preventing type 2 diabetes.

Avoid Deny Defend: Being in a violent situation is scary. What should you do? Read this flyer for tips on how to handle the situation.

PEARLS:(Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives) Have you been feeling down or blue? Have you lost interest in doing things? Are you 60 or older? If you answered "yes", there is a free community-based program to help. Click here to learn more.

Help Is a Call Away: From everyday needs to a time of crisis, someone is waiting 24/7 to listen. Click here to learn more.

12 Steps for Self Care: Click here to see 12 steps to caring for yourself.

Caregiving: It can be stressful and exhausting being a caregiver. Click here to learn how you can get support.

What is Real ID?: Real ID is federal legislation designed to establish security standards for all state driver's licenses and identification cards nationwide. After October 1, 2020, you will be required to have a Real ID compliant driver's license or ID card. Click here to learn more.

Mission of Mercy: Mission of Mercy is a charity that seeks to assist those uninsured and underinsured in our communities. Click here to read more about this organization.

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. People of all ages may qualify for a free screening from the Frederick County Health Department. Click here to learn about how to get a free screening. You can also view this flyer to see statistics related to colon cancer.

Legal Program: Civil Justice, Inc is starting a state-wide program providing low-cost wills and other legal documents to seniors of low to moderate income. Read this flyer to learn more.

Treating Heartburn and GERD: Read this flyer to learn more about how to treat heartburn and GERD.

Hungry Harvest: Every Wednesday at the teaching kitchen of the Frederick YMCA. Come pick up a $7 bag of fresh fruit and veggies ($15 value compared to grocery stores). Click here to view the flyer.

Eldercare Locator: The Eldercare Locator is a nationwide service that connects older Americans and their caregivers with trustworthy local support resources. Click here to visit the website.

Frederick Support Group for Chronic Diseases: This is a free support group open to anyone with a chronic disease diagnosis and their supportive person. The group is led by community members with support from Frederick Memorial Hospital and the Frederick County Health Department. Click here to view the flyer.


Community Events & Activities

senior workout

While COVID has cancelled many events, you can still check out the virtual senior center for various activities.